Open letter to “the business”

To those who request IT provided services for your initiatives:

It is the job of a technology professional to ensure the success of your project, but at the same time uphold the policies of the organization.  This can lead to frustrations on both sides of the aisle.  Completely understandable, but it is not a requirement for IT to block innovation and cause delays.  Quite the opposite in fact.  IT is a center for fostering and embracing innovation.

On Business Requirements:

Let us do our jobs as we do to you.  We are here to serve you.  Give us your complete business requirements in laymen’s terms.  Help us understand your processes and your ideas, and we will provide an answer that marries your requirements to a technical solution.  We do not need a technical solution from you up front, nor do we need constantly changing requirements.  This will only lead to further questions, delays, and frustrations.  We are a partner to you, and want to be part of your success.


On Tech-know-how:

Trust us in our solutions.  We may throw around acronyms such as SFTP, DMZ, IOPS, SMB.  If you do not understand it just ask, but be sure that we will always match up to your requirements.  We may not understand all of your acronyms, and never try to be the professional you are, but rest assured as a partner what we provide will bring upon your success.


On Shadow IT:

Shadow IT is the notion that you will go out and purchase your own solutions to try to bypass our processes.  We are not afraid of it, but be careful if you pursue this avenue as you may be doing more than just bypassing IT. You may be breaking business policies.  If you include us in your shadow IT initiatives we can help make it even more successful, because we understand service integrations, security policy, and can make sure you are meeting your requirements.  Remember, we are partners, not enemies.


Aligning and understanding efforts across all departments creates a cohesive business strategy.  We are here to drive business innovation and provide services and resources to make that happen, while maintaining compliance and security.  We are partners in this journey and look forward to working with you.


The IT Professionals


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